Attending Opening Night

Break a Leg!

Remember – it’s “BAD LUCK to say GOOD LUCK on opening night” (or ever), you’ll find saying “BREAK A LEG” is much more appreciated by everyone in the cast and crew.

Attending Opening Night!

Besides the opportunity to see the show, a sizeable audience is essential for the opening night. We all know performers feed off the energy of the audience. On the opening night of a live performance, the audience can be a massive positive for the performers as they are getting feedback and can sense if the audience is enjoying themselves. The result is they up their performance because they want to give the audience the best show they can.

Keep in mind that excitement and nervousness radiate from the stage throughout the show. Often times an opening night is the first the performers are in front of an audience. It’s the opening night audience that provides a good idea of what is to come. 

You never know what might happen!

After all, this is live theatre and nothing will ever go exactly as rehearsed or play out as written in the script. The audience needs to keep this in mind as no one performance will be the same as the last. Each performance will have its own snags and hiccups,  which add to the reality of the performance.  The stakes for Live Theatre are high, and even the audience is different for each performance. You never know what might happen. 

Laugh, applaud, cry. Whatever is appropriate!

On opening night, you are supporting the cast and crew just by purchasing a ticket.  By enjoying the performance through laughter, applauding, or crying that’s what the best of the audience does. On opening night, a full audience is a confidence booster. Above all at the end of the night and after all the stress and hard work the performers have put into the performance, hearing the audience’s appreciation makes the effort worth it.

Above all enjoy the experience!

Attending an opening night performance is something everyone should experience. The night might go wrong or right, regardless enjoy the experience and support those who put in so much hard work. You never know, perhaps you’ll see a new rising star.

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